‘We’re aware of our heritage, but we also want to renew that heritage’ 

– Aspekt Office 

Based in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood, Aspekt Office is a young design studio with a fresh perspective on the Scandinavian tradition. To these next-generation Danish designers, the word ‘naive’ means simple, new and instantly relatable––an informed, yet intuitive way of doing things that remains indebted to their background in industrial design with an added infusion of spontaneous creativity.        

Kitchen with painted Unit fronts and white shelves

In UNIT, materials merge and come together while the unique textured paint provides depth, dimension, and subtle contrast between the elements. The die-cast aluminum handle takes low-key center stage, merging with the fronts in matte surfaces, and the modern shelving system opens up the kitchen space while connecting with the rest of the design in matching aluminum parts. With its appealing sense of lightness, resilient materials, and kitchen/home office feel, UNIT channels the spirit of functionality and convenience of our work-from-home era and caters to the changing needs of the contemporary home. 

White kitchen shelves


Kitchen fronts

UNIT by Aspekt Office comes in three vibrant design variants: Dark Oak, Natural Oak, and the Painted design variant. The Dark Oak and Natural Oak variants are veneered fronts made from MDF, which have been covered with natural oak. The fronts in Dark Oak fronts have been treated with dark-stained color while the fronts in natural oak have clear, matte lacquer as their top coating. The lacquer contributes to less maintenance and more durable fronts, and the fronts retain their natural look through a low-gloss finish. The painted variant comes in five modern NCS colors: Anthracite, Sand-gray, White, Green, and Yellow. The textured paint has small particles applied to it, which lends the surface a unique, matte and tactile surface structure.       


UNIT comes with an external handle milled into the front, either vertically on the side or horizontally on the top and bottom. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, such as Anthracite, Sand-gray, White, Green, Silver, and a raw, untreated finish, the handles are made from die-casting aluminum. They are available in powder-coated, wet lacquered, or raw surface treatments depending on the variant. These colors and treatments have been selected to match with the fronts in an engaging tone-on-tone expression. The handle will be packed separately and it will need to be installed onsite. 


For the UNIT series, the designers have created an open shelving system that matches the kitchen. The sense of lightness and resilience is carried into the shelf design, converting the kitchen into a modern, transparent living space with a refreshing take on wall storage. The shelf brackets are made in the same material as the handles, creating a cohesive finish. They’re available in the colors White, Black, Silver (wet lacquered), or Raw (non-treated aluminum). The shelf plates all have the same composition in materials and thickness as the fronts, and the color options are identical.    


The countertops for UNIT come in three modern variants: Compact Laminate, Silestone and Solid Wood. The compact laminate countertop is made from a composite of resin and layers of high-pressure laminate, and the Silestone countertop is made from 90% natural quartz and polyester resin. In both cases, the manufacturing process makes the material very robust, durable, and highly suitable for use as a worktop by virtue of a hard-wearing surface with a high degree of resistance to scratches and stains. The material is water/humidity-proof, and resistant to acid-based solvents while also being liquid-repellent and antibacterial for enhanced hygiene and food safety. The available colors for the compact laminate and Silestone countertops are gray and white, and they have been chosen to make the fronts and the countertop match in a tone-on-tone expression.  

The solid natural oak countertop is the recommended countertop for the UNIT design. The oak tops are made from rods, which have been glued together to create a vibrant mix of different shades of wood. The solid oak matches with the oak fronts while complementing the design through its natural and tactile aesthetic. It should be treated with oil, which is then re-applied at regular intervals.   

System compatibility 

UNIT by Aspekt Office is compatible with the Reform Kitchen Cabinet System and METOD, SEKTION, PAX and GODMORGON from IKEA.

Care & maintenance

UNIT is easily cleaned with normal, mild household detergent.

Read more in-depth about the design and find all specifications here.

Aspekt Office

Aspekt Office is a Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary design studio, specializing in furniture, product and interior design. 

Sharing a passion for drawing and design since they were young, Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen started up a small company together while attending the same university in their hometown of Aalborg. After a few years apart to complete their respective master's degrees and work for international brands like HAY and Normann, among others, they reunited in Copenhagen and founded Aspekt Office in 2018.

In constant and open dialogue with the client, the studio’s works evolve around experiment and function with a curious approach, creating intuitive design and spaces people are comfortable with. With an eye on the past, Aspekt Office brings a fresh take to tradition, a twist of spontaneous creativity mixed with their industrial design background.

Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen from Aspekt Office