PLATE by Studio David Thulstrup

The classically modern kitchen


I work with a theme around honesty in materiality.”

— David Thulstrup

Known for balancing classic design history with a modern design language, David Thulstrup’s contribution to Reform's kitchen series goes deep into modern simplicity with a pared-back take on tradition that draws on the prize-winning architect and designer’s keen eye for laying bare the essence of materials.


Matte and brushed surfaces are interchangeable options in a kitchen that feels iconic yet remains refreshingly contemporary; deep colors and bold textures like granite sit neatly alongside the matte, industrial sheen of brushed aluminium and stainless steel for a look that’s raw, honest and elegantly unfiltered. Designed to last in terms of style as well as materials, PLATE is classically modern and big on sincerity.

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Explore two different finishes: matte and brushed

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PLATE – Matte, chocolate

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PLATE – Brushed

Kitchen fronts

The kitchen fronts have been designed and produced as a layered structure with 5/64 " aluminium plates on either side of a classic, black MDF plate, which is colored in the mass. The edges are exposed, which makes the layered structure visible from the side, creating a timeless and unpolished look that lays bare the essence of the materials in an honest, unfiltered way. The aluminium plates are available in a modern, painted version as well as in a hand-brushed version, which makes the surface less harsh and industrial in a milder more tactile way. The painted version has been treated with a powder lacquering, giving it a surface that’s more durable over time, compared with other types of paint. The available colors for this treatment are matt white (gloss 10), and matt chocolate (gloss 10) on both sides of the produced fronts. In addition, the brushed version is available with a special, ground surface, which lends it a unique and original expression, found on both sides of the produced kitchen fronts. The side panels are available as a ⅛ " aluminium plate with all surface varieties described in the above.

Design varieties

In the painted design variety, the core material is an MDF plate, which has been colored in the mass, and the surface is an aluminium plate with powder lacquer. PLATE has been designed with an innovative, integrated handle solution, meaning that the kitchen is ‘handle-less’ in the sense that the differences in the placement of the plates become the handle itself. All visible MDF plates have been treated with beeswax, and the colors come in the deep, vibrant and honest nuances, Matt white, RAL 9003, gloss 10, and Matt Chocolate, RAL 8017, gloss 10. The design variety in brushed aluminium has black MDF as its core material as well as a brushed surface, giving it a solid and inviting look. This design variety comes with the same integrated handle described in the above, and all visible MDF edges have been treated with beeswax.


The countertop comes in solid, stainless steel as well as two modern granite varieties. The countertop in stainless steel has a thickness of 6/32 ", the edge has a radius of 1/16 × 1/16 " on all edges, and the surface is brushed, which gives the material a solid and matte appearance. The countertop varieties made from granite are available in two versions: light-grey Belgian granite and Baltic brown light. The variety in Belgian granite has a thickness of 1 3/16 ", it has a lightly ground surface, and it functions as a durable work surface as well as a matte contrast to the glossy, white color on the kitchen fronts. The edge has a radius of 1/16 × 1/16 " on all edges, and the surface has been treated with impregnation. The Baltic brown light variety has a thickness of 1 3/16 ", a light structure in the surface, which has been treated with impregnation, and the edge has a radius of 1/16 × 1/16 " on all edges.

Doors, drawers, side panels and additions

The Doors on PLATE (T=25/32 ") are compatible with all SEKTION products. Drawers (T=25/32 ") are compatible with all SEKTION products. Side panels (T=⅛ ") are compatible with all SEKTION products. Additions (T=25/32 ") are compatible with all SEKTION products. Toe kicks (¾ ") are compatible with SEKTION products. Moreover, doors and drawers are available with additional handles, which also come with push-function.


The painted version is easy to clean with normal, mild household detergent. The brushed version can be cleaned with metal detergent, specifically suited to aluminium. Also, it is recommended that the visible edges from the core material are treated with beeswax every second year. The latter is dependant on frequency of use and cleaning.

David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup is an architect and designer with a refined yet diverse approach to interiors and architecture merging classic aesthetics with a modern design language. He is the founder and creative director of Studio David Thulstrup in Copenhagen.

David won international acclaim and multiple awards for the interiors of the two Michelin-starred Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Completed in 2018, it was lauded for its high level of complexity and unity of layered spaces, refined use of raw materials, craft and comfort, and for its embodiment of stedsans, a Danish expression for a sense of place.

Describing his style as ‘modern simplicity’ – he rethinks and reworks elements such as light, color, form and material to create pared-back and often bold design solutions for sometimes-complex requirements.

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You can order one or more samples in the three PLATE variants (Glossy coming soon) below. All samples are 16 × 8 in. See all our samples here.

All of our variants are available for order even if the requested sample is temporarily unavailable on the website.

  • PLATE – Brushed Studio David Thulstrup

    PLATE in brushed aluminium.


    This variant is unfortunately not in stock at the moment.

  • PLATE – Matte, chocolate Studio David Thulstrup

    PLATE in a matte, chocolate finish.


    This variant is unfortunately not in stock at the moment.

  • PLATE – Matte, white Studio David Thulstrup

    PLATE in a matte, white finish.


    This variant is unfortunately not in stock at the moment.

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