Reform visited a creative couple in Copenhagen

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“We got aesthetics and personality with Reform”

We chose Basis 01 in white because the white color gives the kitchen a bright and clean Scandinavian look. We were also quite excited about the beautiful wooden handles, consistent with the Nordic style that inspires us both. The table top gives the bright kitchen a raw and aesthetically pleasing feel that is also very personal. It all gives the kitchen that extra aesthetics, where an IKEA kitchen fails," says Theresa Blank, 26, co-founder of Sweet Sneak Studio, a creative food studio. Theresa lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her boyfriend, 36-year-old Kasper Schjønning who is co-founder and concept developer at the creative communications agency Jip Jip.

The kitchen in the apartment is a typical “Copenhagen kitchen” – a small kitchen, where the ceiling is low, why the couple chose to skip wall cabinets:

Instead we went for shelves. Without wall cabinets it provides air and plenty of light for the entire kitchen. We considered getting cabinets for the walls with a narrow depth as it might have worked and been great. Maybe we’ll do that one day, but right now we enjoy the beautiful light," says Theresa Blank.

The heart of the apartment is the kitchen. We just got a new kitchen installed, as we were missing character with our old one. Reform’s ordering process was quite simple, and it was quickly done. We already had the different sizes of the kitchen from IKEA, so we just had to take a fast look in Reforms showroom, chose the right design for us and then talk with one of their consultants a few times – and then it was all done and ordered! Of course there were some time of delivery, but even for someone who hates to wait as me, it was ok. It only took a few weeks, I think," says Kasper Schjønning.

A passion Kasper and Theresa have in common is their interest for aesthetics and design:

We love to mix and match old pieces with new design, it’s always a wild mix of things, and we both like to use our hands. We live in a diverse collection from both our previous lives and apartments – and now, of course, our life together here in Vesterbro,” the couple concludes in agreement.

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