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The concept

For many people, the heart of the home is the kitchen, but this is a room that’s often overlooked when it comes to design. Often our kitchens are white and neutral with design as an afterthought. Reform wants to change this. We collaborate with the best Danish and internationally acclaimed architects to reform our kitchens – and our everyday lives – with great design.

Reform projects start with a basic ingredient – elements from the IKEA kitchen. Add our architect-designed fronts and countertops to create an aesthetic and a personal style that combines quality construction, function and timeless design.

We also offer affordable and great-looking updates to already installed IKEA kitchens – our designs give them a new, upgraded look. In addition, we offer adjustable fronts for IKEA PAX wardrobes and GODMORGON bathroom cupboards.

Get your new Reform kitchen in four easy steps

1. Plan and measure your kitchen

What should be in your kitchen and where should it be positioned? If you need any advice in figuring out what your new kitchen should look like, we would be very happy to help you with your plans.

2. Get the IKEA cabinets

Visit an IKEA store or go to www.ikea.com. The professional consultants at IKEA will advise you in how to best use the space in your kitchen and find the cabinets that fit your needs. Don’t forget to order the hinges from IKEA when you buy the cabinets. Are you already the owner of an IKEA kitchen? Then all you have to do is replace your IKEA fronts with Reform designs.

3. Choose your Reform-design

Find your favourite kitchen design here on our webpage, and then measure your countertop. Note that in some cases you will need a particular size for the plinths or other elements. Send us your selections along with the IKEA order and work drawings.

4. Delivery and mounting

We will deliver your fronts to your doorstep within 6–12 weeks after you place your order. All the fronts are prepared for mounting; the only things you need to install are the hinges, and after that the new fronts click easily onto the cabinets. You will also have to adjust/fit cover panels and plinths, when you are installing the kitchen. Countertops are cut to fit; you just need to tighten them to the cabinets.

Value for money

IKEA is second to none when it comes to creating high quality kitchen modules at very reasonable prices. Due to their huge production volume they manage to deliver excellent and durable kitchen elements, while maintaining a low price range. You can count on great quality at affordable prices. That’s why IKEA kitchens are the basis for Reform’s products.

The perfect combination

IKEA is a frontrunner when it comes to user friendliness. The company has more than 60 years of experience in producing quality cabinets for kitchens, and their products are always being adjusted and optimised for further development. IKEA’s kitchen elements are easy to install and the in-store consultants at IKEA are always keen to help you plan your future kitchen.

The IKEA kitchen system presents a world of possibilities and provides you with the opportunity to make use of your entire kitchen space while meeting all your demands for functionality and usability.

About Reform

Reform is based in Copenhagen and was founded by Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen in 2014. Jeppe holds a Master’s DEGREE in Marketing and Economics and is a former partner in a carpentry and design business. Michael is an engineer and former employee at Bjarke Ingels’ architectural firm BIG, where he worked in both New York and Copenhagen.

Together they noticed a growing interest in custom-made carpentry kitchens, while also recognising that the price range of such products usually went far beyond the budgets of many people. They decided to solve this problem by creating Reform, which by now has sold kitchens to more than 30 countries around the world, and with showrooms in Copenhagen, Berlin, New York and Aarhus.

We welcome you to get in touch and visit one of our showrooms.

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