GRID by Chris L. Halstrøm

On a cabinet door the handle is often a decorative detail, but in Chris L. Halstrøm’s design, the handle has become a part of the entire door – a frame for the door itself.

GRID in the colour 'Nero'.

GRID in the colour 'Grey'.

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Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, born in 1977, works primarily with furniture and smaller objects for the home, always focusing on function in everyday life. She is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and design, but never ignores her Nordic roots. Chris L. Halstrøm lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she established her studio after her graduation from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Chris L. Halstrøm has repeatedly been referred to as "the shooting star within design in Denmark", and has also won several awards for her work, including the German Design Award 2017, Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award 2016 and Red Dot 2014.

On a cabinet front it’s often the handle that provides the decorative detail. In Chris L. Halstrøm’s kitchen design the handle is not just a minor detail, but also an essential part of the entire front. It has become a part of the frame on the cabinet door and represents an interpretation of facades and window shading in classic Japanese architecture. The goal of the design was to create an expression where one small element is perceived as a piece of furniture itself, yet it is also part of an architectural whole when combined with other pieces. Depending on which way the fronts are mounted, it’s possible to create different looks in the kitchen. And by breaking up the solid front surfaces with strips of ash Chris L. Halstrøm creates a kitchen that is less rigid than many traditional kitchen designs.

Sample of GRID by Chris L. Halstrøm

You can order one or more samples in the four GRID variants below. All samples are 40 × 20 cm. See all our samples here.

All of our variants are available for order even if the requested sample is temporarily unavailable on the website.

Product information

Drawer fronts, doors and handles

Chris L. Halstrøm’s kitchen design comes in three different models, all with FENIX NTM laminate on the front. The cabinet doors are produced on a 15 mm MDF plate with veneered ash on the back. All edges and handles are in solid ash.

In the first two models, both handles and edges are in matt-lacquered ash and laminate in 'Grey' and 'Beige', respectively.

The third model is laminate, in the colour 'Nero', with darkened ash for edges and handles.


The vertical handle can be placed on either the right or left side and is produced in solid ash and lacquered with a matte finish. The handle is glued onto horizontal panels in the same material as the handle itself, which in combination forms a frame around the front.

Cover panels, inserts and plinths

In Chris L. Halstrøm’s design, cover panels, inserts and plinths are ordered in the same design as the doors and produced in the chosen laminate colour with edges in solid ash.


Chris L. Halstrøm recommends a 20 mm countertop in either matching laminate or solid ash. The countertop in FENIX NTM laminate comes with a wooden edge in solid ash. The price of the countertop depends on the size, cutouts and whether it will be used with a mounted sink. The sink is flush-mounted in the laminate countertop and undermounted in the solid wooden countertop. Please send us a hand drawing, as well as details of specific requests, and we will calculate the correct price.


The design is available in three colours. It is not possible to change the colours of Chris L. Halstrøm’s design.

Grey – 0752 FENIX NTM laminate
Beige – 0719 FENIX NTM laminate
Nero – 0720 FENIX NTM laminate

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