Everyday Classics

– kitchen designs from renowned architects and designers

Our designs


Inspired by the 1960s architect kitchens, Basis is our best bet for a timeless kitchen design with its simple and stylish handle.

Chelsea by Christina Meyer Bengtsson

The laminate colors, the warm golden brass, and the black countertop give the kitchen a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Degree by Cecilie Manz

Classic aesthetics and subtly graphic details create a comfortably modern look.

Fold by Sigurd Larsen

The characteristic folds and powder coating give the design a pure expression that is pleasant to touch.

GRID by Chris L. Halstrøm

The handle has become a part of the entire door – a frame for the door itself.

Lines by Afteroom

New interpretation of a classic design that is here to stay.

STRAP by Bjarke Ingels Group

Characterized by its elegant handles made of something as unconventional as seat-belt fabric, you get a hyper-modern kitchen.

Surface by Norm Architects

Exclusive in its choice of material and design, this kitchen comes with no handles and has a countertop that bends around the entire surface to produce an exquisite finish.

TWO/FOUR by Note Design Studio

Contemporary style meets traditional elegance. A decadent look with a simple appearance.

Reform designs kitchen fronts and table tops

– easy to combine with IKEA kitchen modules

Reform collaborates with internationally acclaimed architects to reform the classic white kitchen with its familiar neutral atmosphere. That’s because the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our homes. And because we love great design. Especially at an affordable price.

IKEA makes quality kitchen components. Reform designs unique kitchen fronts and countertops made from durable materials, that are easy to combine with IKEA’s basic and popular modules. It’s that simple!

Are you inspired by our kitchen fronts? We also offer adjustable fronts for your IKEA PAX wardrobe or your GODMORGEN bathroom cupboard.

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Get your new Reform kitchen in four easy steps

1. Plan and measure your kitchen

What should be in your kitchen and where should it be positioned? If you need any advice in figuring out what your new kitchen should look like, we would be very happy to help you with your plans.

2. Get the IKEA cabinets

Visit an IKEA store or go to www.ikea.com. The professional consultants at IKEA will advise you in how to best use the space in your kitchen and find the cabinets that fit your needs. Don’t forget to order the hinges from IKEA when you buy the cabinets. Are you already the owner of an IKEA kitchen? Then all you have to do is replace your IKEA fronts with Reform designs.

3. Choose your Reform-design

Find your favorite kitchen design here on our webpage, and then measure your countertop. Note that in some cases you will need a particular size for the toe kicks or other elements. Send us your selections along with the IKEA order and work drawings.

4. Delivery and mounting

We will deliver your fronts to your doorstep within 10–14 weeks after you place your order. All the fronts are prepared for mounting; the only things you need to install are the hinges. After that the new fronts click easily onto the cabinets. Countertops are cut to fit; you just need to tighten them to the cabinets.

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