The Basis kitchen doors and drawer fronts are the essence of purity and streamlined design

Basis 01 fronts in painted white with handles in natural oak. Countertop in linoleum in color Conifer with edges in natural oak.

Basis 01 fronts in linoleum in color Mushroom with handles in natural oak. Countertop in linoleum in color Mushroom with edges in natural oak.

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More info about the Basis design

The Basis design comes in two versions: Basis 01 and Basis 02. These are Reform’s in-house models, where it all began – and we are still great fans. Both models are characterized by the classic carpenter milled-in handle in oak or smoked oak, a detail that gives the design an elegant contrast between the clean surface and the warm texture from the natural wood. With its stylish round handle the Basis 01 is inspired by the 1960s Scandinavian architect kitchens and is a good take on a timeless and classical kitchen design. The Basis 02 model has a more modern and streamlined look with its oblong handle and its smooth and soft corners.

We love to combine our Basis series with a countertop in linoleum – especially because the solid oak edge on the countertop beautifully compliments the oak in the milled-in handle. The whole kitchen becomes elegant and complete.

Product information

Drawer fronts and doors

You can order the Basis series in all the different models and sizes that IKEA offers. Drawer fronts and doors from the Basis series come in a painted version and in linoleum.

Painted fronts come in a matt white finish (NCS S 0500-N, gloss 20). Choose any other color for a surcharge of $120 per color. Take a look at the NCS colors here.

The fronts in linoleum are made of MDF, veneered with oak, with edges of solid oak. You can see all our linoleum colors here.


The Basis 01 handle is a circular handle with a diameter of 1 ⅝ " and a depth of ⅝ ". The oblong Basis 02 handle is 6 " wide and 1 ½ " tall. Both handles are available with backing in natural oak, smoked oak or a spray-painted color.


Shown below are some price examples for our Basis drawers and fronts. Please note that the prices are for our standard white color. If you are interested in another color, $120 will be added to the total price. For prices of the Basis series in linoleum and veneer, download our price list below.

Drawer, 15 × 10 " $88
Drawer, 24 × 15 " $116
Drawer, 30 × 15 " $128
Door, 15 × 30 " $128
Door, 24 × 30 " $164
Door, 24 × 60 " $260


We provide tops in several variants for the Basis series:


Our linoleum tops come in ⅞ ", 1 ⅛ ", and 1 ⅝ " thickness. The top is made from chipboard where we mount solid oak trim on all visible edges. Afterwards we glue on the linoleum under high pressure so it will stick forever. The linoleum is available in 21 different colors.

Solid wood

We offer our solid oak top in natural and in smoked oak. The tops come in ¾ ", 1 ⅛ ", and 1 ⅝ " thickness. If you are interested in another variety of wood we can definitely help you – just let us know.


The price of your top depends on the size, depth, number of cuts, and whether you need a sink etc. – we prefer a hand drawing and exact specification of your needs so we can calculate the exact price of your top.

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