BASIS fronts in painted white with handles in natural oak. Countertop in linoleum in colour Conifer with edges in natural oak. See more photos.

BASIS fronts in linoleum in colour Mushroom with handles in natural oak. Countertop in linoleum in colour Mushroom with edges in natural oak. See more photos.

BASIS fronts in natural oak. Countertop in solid steel. See more photos.

More info about the BASIS design

The BASIS design comes in three different styles; painted, linoleum and veneer. BASIS design is Reform's own – it’s where we started. All three styles are characterized by the classic carpenter-milled-in round handle – a detail that brings warmth and elegance to the design. The veneered oak handle adds contrast to the clean surface. With its stylish round design the BASIS handle is inspired by 1960s Scandinavian architect kitchens and is a good take on a timeless and classical kitchen design.

We love to combine the BASIS design with a countertop in linoleum especially since the solid oak edge on the countertop beautifully complements the natural oak of the milled-in BASIS handle, making the whole kitchen elegant and complete. As an alternative to linoleum we recommend a solid wood countertop, which comes in either natural oak or smoked oak, each choice a great complement to the BASIS handle.

Basic fronts with wooden drawers




Our BASIS design is available in three different versions; painted, linoleum and veneer. The BASIS design is a great choice for a flexible kitchen design with a wide range of colors and options to suit your taste and needs.


The painted version can be ordered in any 1950 NCS color, so you can choose a shade to suit your kitchen design dreams. The standard BASIS design comes in matte white – but if you choose your own 1950 NCS color, a surcharge of $200 per color will be added to the entire order. See the available 1950 NCS colors here.

Natural materials

The BASIS design also comes in veneer and linoleum. The linoleum fronts are produced with a MDF veneered on the back and solid oak on the edges, with 5/64" Forbo Desktop linoleum on the front. You can see all our linoleum colors here. We love our linoleum fronts, as linoleum is a natural material with a lot of advantages and unique features. In particular it is the durability and the organic, matte surface that makes this material unique. Because linoleum is a natural material, slight variations may occur on some of the lighter colors we offer.

The fronts in veneer come in either natural oak or smoked oak. The front and the back are veneered, and the edges are in solid oak. The fronts in veneer are wax-treated.

Veneer and linoleum are both natural materials that require a little maintenance to preserve durability and to ensure that the fronts remain beautiful for many years. With natural materials, differences in shading may occur. With natural oak, there are many different shades, both dark and light, which are a natural part of the structure of the tree. This may result in a vibrant interaction between dark and bright shades and also a variation in the grain of the wood.


The BASIS design handle is a circular handle with a diameter of 1 ⅝" and a depth of ⅝". This handle is available in natural oak veneer, smoked oak veneer or a spray-painted veneer, with visible wood grain.



We provide tops in several variants for the BASIS series:


Our linoleum tops come in ⅞", 1 ⅛", and 1 ⅝" thickness and are glued on under high pressure for permanent adhesion. The top is made from chipboard with mounted solid oak on all visible edges. Explore our range of linoleum colors.

Solid wood

We offer our solid oak top in natural and smoked oak. The tops come in ¾", 1 ⅛", and 1 ⅝" thickness.


We also offer tops in both Corian and GetaCore. GetaCore is a mineral substance similar to Corian, which is known for its durability and clean appearance. The thickness of the tops varies from 25/64" up to 1 ²¹/₃₂".


Our steel tops come in 13/64" solid stainless steel or as chipboard covered with a thin layer of stainless steel.


The price of your top depends on the size, depth, number of cuts, and whether you need a sink etc. We prefer a hand drawing and exact specification of your needs so we can calculate the exact price of your top.

Read more in-depth about the design and find all specifications here.