“There’s sustainability in beauty, and there’s sustainability in aesthetics. If you create a product that’s beautiful and durable enough, it will stand the test of time and become sustainable.”

— Note Design Studio

Multidisciplinary and forward-thinking, the Stockholmers at Note Design Studio have a vibrant design portfolio to their name that ties together a diverse range of creative impulses. Their kitchen design is no exception; nature’s rich and varied color scheme is a strong influence in an oak-led solution that takes in multiple viewpoints from the studio’s 16 designers and architects, and makes them come together in sturdy panels and robust wood for the protection of your pots, pans and essential everyday items.

Frame fronts in dark oak

In FRAME, time-honored Scandinavian design meets Note’s renowned, contemporary creativity for an updated take on the classic kitchen that merges the clean lines of the north with a warm and tactile, human-centered approach. In simpler terms, FRAME by Note Design Studio puts people at the center, and it makes you want to reach out and touch wood.

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Light Frame fronts with brass handles



Kitchen fronts

The kitchen fronts are made from classic, quartersawn European oak veneer on a robust particle board with mounted triangular profiles as its frame on the front, which is cut from solid, European oak. The design comes in two surface varieties, inspired by nature’s changing color spectrum: two painted versions, available in a timeless shade of white as well as an inviting light-blue color. Finally, there’s a brown, oiled version with an authentic and rustic appearance. In the painted versions, the lines in the wood structure are visible, giving the kitchen a vibrant and natural finish. The dark-brown, oiled design is treated with a hardwax oil containing a brown pigment, causing the lines in the wood to be visible in an understated, balanced manner. The side panels, additions and toe kicks are available without triangular profiles.

Design varieties

In the painted design versions, the core material is a particle board with a surface and edges in European oak veneer. The surface treatment is paint in the colors NCS S-1502-Y (white), gloss 20 and NCS S 1030-R80B (light blue), gloss 20. In the dark-brown, oiled, design variety, the core material is also a particle board with a surface and edges in European oak veneer. The surface treatment is hardwax oil, adding a vibrant and rustic appearance to the design.


The countertop is made from Corian in a thickness of ½ ". A dynamic and highly versatile material with an undulating color spectrum inspired by nature, it matches the design holistically in the chosen nuances Willow and Cacao Brown. The edge has a radius of 3/64 × 3/64 " on all edges.

System compatibility

FRAME by Note Design Studio is compatible with the Reform Kitchen Cabinet System.


The kitchen is easily cleaned with normal, mild household detergent. In addition, a biannual treatment with oil is recommended for the dark-brown design version.


All fronts and drawers can be purchased with handles. The handles are purchased separately, mounted externally by the customer, and offered in brass and stainless steel, two durable, classic materials that deliver in terms of quality as well as aesthetics. The design has been conceived as a push to open solution, but the option of purchasing handles as an add-on for these kitchen fronts is also available.

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Note Design Studio

Note is a Stockholm-based studio of design founded in 2008 working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy.

To Note, creativity is about searching for what is missing, to constantly realign thoughts and expressions to find that moment of insight when everything clicks. They collaborate intensely, with personal passion and their design disciplines – interior, product, graphic, architecture, and strategies – to share their insights with the world.

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