“We strive to make you consume less by designing beautiful products you won’t want to get rid of. Designing products that last is an overlooked driver of sustainability, which is extremely important for our planet.”

— Norm Architects

Over the course of the last 12 years, the kindred spirits at Norm Architects have been building their quiet rebellion against the transient and the trend-driven from the pleasant, airy base that is their Copenhagen studio. With iconic award-winning design, achieving timelessness through an uncompromising human-centric focus, Norm Architects are consistently finding new ways to realize the architecture, furniture, and interior, which answers their ambitious question: ‘What creates the framework for a good life?’

Profile drawer in natural oak

In PROFILE, a monochrome color scheme available in gray, dark-gray, sand, white and dark anthracite meets a lasting aesthetic holistically designed to integrate seamlessly into the architecture – with the added option of choosing kitchen fronts made from dark and natural oak. Taking its name from the rounded aluminum profile that protects the kitchen front from wear and the occasional knock, the design features a new take on the classic integrated handle as its functional centerpiece – an understated, yet eye-catching element that ties the kitchen together in a calm expression with warm textures and accommodating design.

Profile painted fronts


Kitchen fronts

PROFILE by Norm Architects comes in three different varieties: Painted, Dark Oak and Natural Oak. The Painted version has a thickness of .87 inches with a glossiness of 10%. It comes in 5 timeless nuances selected to match the countertops: Dark Anthracite, White, Dark-gray, Sand, and Gray. The Dark Oak and Natural Oak varieties are made from quarter sliced European oak veneer. More specifically, veneered oak on MDF with a total thickness of .91 inches. The grain direction is horizontal and the surface treatment is a matte, lacquered gloss. See the available NCS colors here.

Design varieties

PROFILE Painted is spray-painted in matte nuances, available in modern, monochrome NCS colors and the core material is MDF. In the Dark Oak variety and the Natural Oak variety the core material is also MDF and it comes with veneer fronts, which has been covered with natural oak, and a clear, matte lacquer. The lacquer contributes to less maintenance and more durability, and it lets the material retain the natural look through a low gloss finish. The backplate is made from solid wood and it has undergone the same treatment as the one applied on the front.


The integrated handle on PROFILE features a slightly extruded and rounded aluminum profile, which has given the design its name. It has been designed to last and withstand wear, tear and other types of impact. The integrated handles come in 4 different finishes: White (powder-coated aluminum), and three anodized aluminum: ‘Golden Metal’, ‘Silver Metal’ and ‘Dark Metal’.


The PROFILE countertops come in two inviting, durable varieties: Fenix laminate and Ceramic. The laminate tops are made from FENIX NTM laminate, an exceptionally soft and smooth surface. It is manufactured with the use of nanotechnology, making it possible to thermally heal any micro-scratches. The material is highly resistant to scratches and it withstands impact and acid-based solvents while also being liquid repellent and antibacterial. The Fenix laminate tops for the PROFILE design are available in 5 different colors and special consideration has gone into producing fronts and countertops in matching colors for a tone-on-tone expression. The countertop also comes with a matching color edge band produced in an ABS material to give the edges durability with special resilience in relation to external impact.

The PROFILE Ceramic countertop is manufactured at very high temperatures, making it a very robust surface fortified with the ability to withstand high levels of impact and wear. Ceramics is both acid and base resistant. The PROFILE countertop is available in 6 muted, natural tones for a seamless finish, and it’s made from an extremely versatile type of ceramic, which can tolerate extreme temperatures without getting burned or cracked. Pots, pans, and similar items can be placed directly on the surface. It's also shock-proof to temperatures, meaning that it tolerates quick changes in extreme temperature.


The doors, drawers, side panels and plinths are compatible with Reform’s own cabinets.


The kitchen is easily cleaned with normal, mild household detergent.

Read more in-depth about the design and find all specifications here.

Norm Architects

The essence of Norm Architects’ work is found in the balance between richness, restraint, order, and complexity. Working across architecture, interiors, design, and creative direction, each project comes with the same intrinsic quality: a simplicity that carries bigger ideas. Guided by the body and mind rather than by trends or technology, Norm projects explore ideas that not only look good but that also feel good: Architecture becomes thoughtful, minimalism acquires softness and visual matter assumes haptic qualities. The work is sharp and crisp and displays a focus on quality, details, and durability.

Located in one of the oldest streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, Norm Architects respect our context and build on the traditions of Scandinavian design – of timeless aesthetics, natural materials, and upholding Modernist principles of restraint and refinement. Through exploring what it is that heightens the human senses regardless of personal preference, their projects strip spaces, objects, ideas, and images back to their simplest form. The expertise lies in finding the balance – when there’s nothing more to either add or take away.

Norm Architects