SURFACE by Norm Architects

Exclusive in its choice of material and design

SURFACE fronts in sawn cut smoked oak. Countertop in solid smoked oak. See more photos here.

SURFACE fronts in sawn cut natural oak with handles in black coated steel. Countertop in solid oak. See more photos here.

SURFACE fronts in metal. Countertop and frame in solid smoked oak.

Norm Architects

Since 2008, Norm Architects has worked domestically as well as internationally with everything from residential architecture to interior and industrial design. Add to that an affinity for integrating photography, graphic design and art directing into their work.

Their kitchen design is simple, but exclusive in its timeless design. With no handles, it presents a countertop that covers the entire surface and adds to it an exquisite finish – like the best-designed furniture.

The materials, which have seldom been used in kitchens, present a clean but raw appearance. The kitchen comes in three different variations: Norm metal (burnished copper), sawn smoked oak and sawn natural oak. For a thoroughly personalized kitchen you can stand on the shoulders of Norm Architects and add your own mix of materials creating the visual expression you like.

The all-natural materials have been selected for their durability and reaction to wear. The pieces will patinate beautifully, and will continue to change, particularly in areas of constant wear.

Product information

Fronts and handles

Norm Architects design consists of three different kinds of materials that can be combined as desired. The fronts are available in Norm metal, sawn smoked oak and sawn natural oak. All fronts are without handles and have a 13/64" × 13/64" edge on the back. It’s possible to buy handles in four different variants; burnished copper, brass, black coated steel, and stainless steel. We recommend handles for integrated appliances, but you can always chose handles as an alternative to a push system for all your fronts.

Norm metal fronts consist of a metal plate in burnished copper. The surface is a red-brown shade that results in varied patination between the fronts. The edge strips on the fronts of Norm metal pieces consist of solid smoked oak; the back is veneered smoked oak. Norm metal fronts are laquer-sealed and patinate individually over time, depending on use and care. As the metal wears, golden copper will appear on the surface, giving each piece a unique and beautiful look. There may be some imperfections in the metal upon delivery as it is a natural material. The burnished-copper fronts are not acid proof.

Fronts in sawn smoked oak and sawn natural oak are veneered on the front and back, and the same wood is used on the solid edges. The doors are wax-coated.


Norm Architects recommends a 25/32" countertop in fiber concrete or solid, smoked oak. The price of your countertop depends on the size, cuts and whether you need a sink etc. – therefore we prefer a hand drawing and exact specification of your needs before we give you a price.

Cover panels, inserts and toe kicks

Norm Architects recommends using cover panels and toe kicks in the same material as the kitchen fronts. The toe kicks is more elegant in black. Any additions can be added in both Norm metal or smoked oak.


It is not possible to change the colors on the fronts. Instead, the elements can be combined for different expressions. For example, a fiber concrete countertop might be used with fronts in Norm metal, sawn smoked oak or sawn natural oak. Alternatively, you may prefer a countertop in smoked oak combined with Norm metal doors, and so on. A mix of cabinet fronts and doors made of different materials will create a unique expression.

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