Reform sat down with Norm Architects to hear about their designs for Reform, their design philosophy and their use of materials

Details are not only details; they make the product.

For Norm Architects’ design work for Reform all the small, tiny elements and the combination of different materials were very important. Norm’s collaboration with Reform started, as does many of their other projects, with a fascination for material:

We wanted to create a kitchen that would develop and become prettier with time. Our kitchen reflects this thought by using materials from nature to carry the design. In Scandinavia, we have a tradition of inviting nature inside, kind of blurring the boundaries between what is inside and outside,” Norm Architects explains.

IKEA is high quality

From Norm Architects’ view working with IKEA and adding fronts to their kitchens has not been restricting for them, because what’s inside the IKEA kitchen is high quality and consists of the same materials all other kitchen manufacturers use.

We did not see it as an IKEA kitchen, we saw it as a structure that is inside a kitchen. We were then asked to put something around it,” Norm Architects says.

A piece of furniture

We aimed to make the kitchen into furniture, something that would stand out from the space. Some pieces in this kitchen actually look like furniture. A lot of kitchens are fully built-in, where the designer’s goal is for the elements to become a part of the architecture. In this case, we wanted to take the opposite direction, we wanted to create furniture,” Norm Architects tells.

By designing a frame or countertop that actually goes all the way around the cabinets, it becomes more like a freestanding piece of furniture, whether against the wall or centered in the room. The furniture approach to designing a kitchen creates a mix between functionality and aesthetics:

We don’t see these as oppositions. We see that design is the bridge between them, so even though it is a piece of furniture, it is functional furniture and that goes for all furniture. So in our view, it is the perfect harmony,” Norm Architects explains.

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