Our aim is to offer quality design within a reasonable price range. As an extension of our mission, we provide the option of fitting or upgrading your Reform kitchen with solid wood drawers and sturdy steel drawers.

Both the wood and steel drawers come with BLUM's premium quality rails, which are capable of carrying a weight of up to 88 pounds. In other words, this is a significant upgrade compared to IKEA’s standard drawers. The drawers also include 'soft close' functionality. With soft close, the drawers close easily and quietly. If you’d like a design that’s extra seamless, you can purchase BLUM's TIP‑ON / BLUMOTION SYSTEM, for push-open functionality. The push system opens at any press of the drawer, regardless of where you press on the kitchen front.


Our solid wood drawers come in a vibrant range of smoked oak, natural oak, and ash finishes, and their robust construction ensures safe and optimal storage of your essential everyday items. 


Drawers in natural oak
Drawers in smoked oak
Drawers in ash finish



Our steel drawers come in a light and elegant design featuring laminated chipboard. They perform well even when they’re fully extended and loaded with heavy items. This means that wide and heavy pull-outs will run smoothly thanks to the design’s excellent carrying capacity.


White kitchen drawers
Black kitchen drawers


Our sleek and adaptable STANDARD drawers are made from steel and MFC. They come with a carrying capacity of 30 kg, an integrated soft-close function for smooth and quiet closure, and synchronized drawer runners for trouble-free operating performance. Adding to that, the drawers feature customizability options and garbage assortment.  

For extra seamless closure, you can purchase BLUM's TIP ON/BLUMOTION SYSTEM with push-open functionality. The push system opens at any press of the drawer,  regardless of where you press on the kitchen front. 

Available in timeless white at a budget-friendly price point, the STANDARD drawers make a perfect fit with the Reform cabinets. 

Sizes and accessories for any need

Our wood drawers are available in three different heights. They come in in black and white, and they have great storage capacity. In addition, we offer various cutlery trays and dividers.

The Reform drawers in wood and steel offer durable and lasting quality on the inside as well as the outside of your Reform kitchen.

See price list with more information about sizes.

Download installation guide for wood drawers and TIP-ON / BLUMOTION.

Different sizes of drawers and drawer inserts