At Reform, considerations for major global sustainability challenges, from climate change to social inequality, are essential to our continued growth. Thanks to positive collaboration with our stakeholders, we can be change-makers. 

Certified B Corporation

In 2023, Reform was certified as a B Corp company with a score of 92.7, well above the minimum 80 points required.


Being certified as a B Corp means that there has been an independent assessment of how we do business in five categories: governance, workers, environmental impact, community engagement, and relations with our customers. We are proud to be part of a community of companies using their businesses as forces for good.

Four Pillar Strategy

Our four pillar sustainability strategy covers 2021-2025. It will serve as our guiding light in our journey to become a more sustainable company.

Better Together

We are committed to delivering sustainable value to all our stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, investors, and partners. Together, it is essential that we amplify our positive impact on people and the planet. 

Better Supply Chain

We directly depend on natural resources. For that reason, we are committed to protecting biodiversity and nature by managing our supply chain in a responsible way. We work with FSC-certified and origin-controlled wooden materials. 

​​We are actively engaging with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) to define a meaningful and science-based path to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible in the meantime.

Better Design

We believe that good design is long-lasting. The best quality materials respond to consumer needs, not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of environmental and social impact. 

We are dedicated to introducing sustainable and circular principles during the product development process, from creative briefing to the end-of-use. 

Better Growth

We are committed to progress and growth, but we want to change the status quo of this growth. We want to be profitable without having a negative impact on both people and the planet. We have to grow in an ethical and transparent way, leaving no one behind. 

Our Planet

Carbon footprint

A key milestone in Reform's commitment to fighting global warming has been to work with Normative to measure our CO2 emissions from six years ago to today. Knowing our carbon footprint allows us to develop a long term strategy for reducing past, present, and future emissions.

SBTi approved-targets

The Science Based Targets (SBTi) was launched along with COP 21 to support companies in defining GHG emissions reduction goals. We aim to reduce our baseline 2020 emissions by 42% by 2030. This target was SBTi-approved in 2021. 

WWF and Reform: Partners for Nature

Since 2022, we have partnered with WWF on a biodiversity conservation project called Partners for Nature. With this partnership, Reform supports efforts to combat the climate crisis, with special support for the preservation of tropical forests and unique biodiversity in the Greater Virunga Landscape, Uganda.

Cradle to Cradle

In 2022, Reform applied for Cradle to Cradle certification of our cabinets. Cradle to Cradle Certified® is the global standard for assessing the safety, circularity, and responsible production of materials and products.

Our Products

There is a lot that goes into our products before and after they are in the hands of the customer. It is therefore a fundamental principle in Reform’s design development to make sure that all processes have the lowest environmental impact possible: from idea, to sourcing, to manufacturing, to distribution, to assembly, to usage, to disposal.

Our creative process starts with consideration for environmental impact, thereby offering our customers the best products for themselves and the planet. This applies to all levels of the product life cycle.

Design and raw materials

The driving force in our creative process is to be innovative in the way we use natural resources, so that it results in durability for the customer with as little environmental impact as possible. We aim to optimize this for all new and existing products.

Manufacturing process

We continuously work hand-in-hand with our suppliers to extend our commitments on sustainability through the value chain.

Packaging and distribution

We make an effort to reduce the plastic in our packaging by using cardboard when possible, as well as increase the amount of recycled materials in our packaging. For distribution, we work with suppliers that offer less intensive supply chain models.

Use and disposal

We want to ensure that Reform kitchens are a healthy place to be, and are as resource-efficient as possible.

Our People

We put people at the center of everything we do, both in terms of our customers and our colleagues. Our colleagues, from 16 different nationalities, are the driving force behind the company.

Within Reform as a company, we focus on attracting and retaining talent, as well as offering training and promotion opportunities. It is essential that our colleagues feel nurtured, safe, and inspired in their roles at Reform.

Our Commitments

To fulfil our commitments to our agenda, we have included the following as Reform corporate policies:
Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Business Partners
Code of Conduct for Employees
Sustainability Policy
Sustainable Purchase and Sourcing Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Since June 2021 Reform has been part of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and the biggest network for responsible companies.

Reform is committed to strengthening our work with 10 Principles of the Global Compact within human rights, labor rights, the environment, and anti-corruption, as well as contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.