BASIS linoleum

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BASIS Fronten in Linoleum ‚Mushroom‘ mit Griffen aus Natureiche und Arbeitsplatte in Linoleum ‚Mushroom‘ mit Kanten aus Natureiche

BASIS Linoleum USD
Fronts $2,880
Cover panels $2,160
Toe kicks $200
Countertop in linoleum $1,020
Fronts, extras and countertop* Fronts and extras* $6,260 $5,240
Elements Reform
Cabinets in oak laminate $1,080
Drawers in natural oak $1,160
Hinges $320
Total $2,560
Show price for other variants

Approximate price for Reform fronts and accessories in other variants (excl. countertop)

REFLECT Metal Black
UNIT Painted $6,800
UNIT Natural oak $7,400
UNIT Dark oak $7,400
PROFILE Painted $6,800
PROFILE Natural oak $7,400
PROFILE Dark oak $7,400
BASIS Painted $4,400
BASIS Linoleum $5,240
BASIS Linoleum (smoked) $5,600
BASIS Veneer $5,200
BASIS Veneer (smoked) $6,000
FRAME $6,800
MATCH $7,000
CHELSEA Laminate $9,600
CHELSEA Brass $12,200
DEGREE Painted $5,000
DEGREE Veneer $6,800
FOLD $8,600
PLATE Brushed $9,200
PLATE Matte $7,600
STRAP Painted $5,600
STRAP Venner $7,000
SURFACE Smoked oak $7,600
SURFACE Natural oak $6,800
SURFACE Metal $12,600

*Pricing does not include appliances, sink, faucet, shipping or installation.