Espergærde in North Zealand, Denmark

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BASIS kitchen design in natural oak veneer with a countertop in steel

“We bought a classic house in the Danish architecture style of the ‘70s. A house that was well maintained, but never updated, with all its original materials, styles, colors and designs intact. It was important for us to be true to the style of the house, because we love the ‘70s style, but we also wanted to bring it up-to-date in an authentic way. It seemed to us that a new kitchen from Reform was obvious,” says Mille Teilmann Andersen, who is a nurse at Bispebjerg Hospital Medical Reception and married to Jacob, CEO of Landsbrugsmedierne in Denmark. The couple live in Espergærde with their two children: Aksel who’s 4 years old and Irma, 2.

“As we stood in Reform’s showroom in Copenhagen, the design for our new kitchen was immediately figured out. It was actually the first kitchen we saw; it was also the easiest decision in the process of renovating the entire house. Reform’s concept, style and design are totally in sync with our taste and temperament,” explain the couple about their choice of the new kitchen.

At the showroom in Copenhagen, Mille and Jacob were ecstatic to get more space in their new kitchen, especially a lot more countertop space. But they laugh because even though they have a countertop that is 22 feet long, in a way, nothing has changed:

“Our countertop is still chock full of all kinds of kids’ stuff: pegboards, Legos, drawings, lunch boxes, twigs and rocks, as our son collects them, as well as empty bottles and laundry. But at least the messy chaos looks beautiful on our new countertop…” jokes Mille, who’s a photographer in her spare time. The walls are empty and more than 80 framed pictures are on the floor leaning against the walls…