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Løgstørgade in Østerbro

As recent graduates with a new apartment but not much money, we knew the budget would be tight when we planned our new kitchen. The renovation involved moving a wall and updating the original 1920 interior. Our choice to go with Reform was easy—we would not have to compromise on aesthetics or quality,” says Christine, 28, who is a nurse at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. She lives with her boyfriend Søren, 27, who studied political science and now works as a clerk in the Modernisation Agency.

We immediately fell in love with the Norm Architects design when we visited Reform’s showroom in Copenhagen. In fact, we had initially wanted a white kitchen, with no handles on the fronts of the cabinets, but we ended up with the opposite–a smoked oak with tombac handles,” Christine reflects.

Christine and Søren’s apartment is light, so the kitchen can easily handle the dark wood. The couple tried to think in contrasts and asymmetries both in their choice of products and in the overall design itself.

We only have handles on some of the fronts. The fronts are not identical in the way they are configured and the kitchen has a bit of a ‘floating’ appearance. In addition, we decided to use a countertop made of black Corian (Instead of Norm Architects’ concrete countertop), which makes the countertop almost invisible.

We love our new kitchen, but because of our busy work life we have never gotten so much takeout as we get these days. But we are finally able to use our three-year-old juice machine, because now we have a dishwasher,” says Christine.

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