Cases with price examples

In the following cases, you’ll find a series of prices on a range of recently completed Reform kitchen projects. Featuring some of our most popular designs, we’ve added these examples to give you an overall indication of the price range on the individual kitchens.

Price lists for the individual designs can be found here: BASIS, CHELSEA, DEGREE, FOLD, FRAME, MATCH, PLATE, STRAP, SURFACE and UP.

BASIS linoleum$8.080

FRAME white$4.780

FRAME dark oak$6.580

PLATE brushed$6.860

FRAME blue$5.040

BASIS painted$2.180

FOLD aluminum$7.360

DEGREE veneer$7.260

DEGREE painted$6.420

BASIS linoleum$2.600

BASIS linoleum$1.780

FOLD aluminum$6.700

BASIS linoleum$5.400

BASIS painted$3.440

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