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A Basis kitchen in Berlin

Stefan Hensel, 36, is the Art Director behind the Berlin-based studio youknowmewell with occasional pop-up desks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Stefan lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong for 10 years, but returned to Germany a few years ago. Stefan’s wife Kittiya, 30, runs the Chinese restaurant Long March Canteen in Kreuzberg, but she cooks (amazing) Thai recipes at home!

The entrepreneurial couple have chosen a Basis kitchen design with painted white fronts and a linoleum countertop in the color “Conifer” with edges and handles in natural oak for their new kitchen. The kitchen is placed in a corner of the dining room where there are no windows, which is why the couple chose a bright Basis kitchen even though they first fell in love with the Norm Architects design. “But we think this won’t be our last kitchen so Norm will certainly get a second chance.” says Stefan Hensel.

Currently Kittiya is on maternity leave with the couple’s five-month-old son Klemens Nay, who is excited to eat his very first mashed carrots soon.

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