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A Basis 01 kitchen in Berlin

Stefan Hensel, 36, the Art Director behind the Berlin-based studio youknowmewell with occasional pop-up desks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Stefan has lived through 10 years in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but came back to Germany a few years ago. Stefan’s wife Kittiya, 30, runs the Chinese restaurant Long March Canteen in Kreuzberg, but she cooks (amazing) Thai recipes at home!

The entrepreneur couple have chosen a Basis 01 kitchen design with painted white fronts, a table top in linoleum in the color Conifer with edges and handles in natural oak for their new kitchen. The kitchen is placed in a corner of the dining room where there are no windows, why the couple chose a bright kitchen even though they fell in love with Norm Architects design; “But we think this won’t be our last kitchen so Norm will certainly get a second chance.” says Stefan Hensel.

At this moment Kittiya is on maternity leave with the couples five months’ old son Klemens Nay, who at this moment is excited to eat his very first mashed carrots soon.

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