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Julie Rosendahl combines the Nordic style with eclectic elements

Reform Inspires a Seventies Feel in an Industrial No-Nonsense Apartment

Julie Rosendahl is the commercial editor at Femina, a weekly women’s magazine in Denmark. Julie’s apartment is special, as only the bathroom had walls, when she bought it, but that was also the reason for her falling in love with the apartment:

We fell for the large space and industrial or almost institutional feel. The latter is a good thing in my opinion. I just really like the no-nonsense style of it – and the institutional furniture, that is just made to last and really be used – even in a rough manner. Our place was originally part of an office building, built in late 1980’s, but renovated and turned into apartments in 2006,” Julie explains.

Because there were no walls in the apartment, when Julie bought it, she had the freedom to do anything, and therefore went with “half” walls with large windows and steel doors made to measure.

Julie had an eye on Reform for quite a while before she decided to decorate her apartment with one of our kitchens.

I originally fell for the 70’s feel with the round ‘hole-handles’ in oak and it just felt so right for this industrial and no-nonsense apartment. It gives the kitchen a little more coziness and nostalgia. I especially love the charcoal linoleum countertop that we extended all the way under the windows to make a breakfast bar,” Julie says.

My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is probably cooking with the children – it can, let’s be honest, be quite stressful to handle food and two hungry mini-divas all at once, but also very rewarding and fun,” laughs Julie.

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