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Do you ship to all countries?

Almost! With the exception of a few countries like Israel, Russia, China and North Korea, we have worldwide shipping – and we would love to hear from you, if you are considering a Reform solution for your home.

Do I pay VAT?

Yes, when you are a part of the EU, you pay Danish VAT which is 25 %. However, if you live outside the EU, you declare and pay VAT in your own country.

What is the delivery time?

Lead time may vary from design to design, and from country. As a general rule you can expect your order delivered within 6–12 weeks. We deliver to your door step. You’ll be informed about current lead time on your chosen design upon ordering. Read more about lead time and our delivery service here.

Can I order a sample?

Yes! We appreciate your interest in our designs and we are happy to have an online webshop were you can buy samples of our design. Have a look at our sample collection here.

Where do you have showrooms?

We have a showroom and head office in Copenhagen, as well as a showroom in Berlin and Brooklyn NY. We would love for you to visit – so have a look at our opening hours and see where to find us here.

How do I begin ordering my Reform kitchen?

The ordering process is quite simple. The first step is to make an IKEA drawing and order your kitchen cabinets from IKEA – unless you already have an IKEA kitchen. After ordering at IKEA, you send us your IKEA order confirmation and work drawings along with your choice of Reform kitchen and countertop style and color. We handle quotes by email and respond as soon as possible, we typically get back to you within two working days. Once you’ve accepted the final offer, we send you an order confirmation and invoice, and we initiate your order when your payment has been registered. Delivery time varies – you’ll be informed about lead time upon ordering. Reform delivers your order directly to the curb. Read more about the ordering process in our Help Center.

Do you offer wood drawers?

Yes, we offer high quality wood drawers for all our designs. You can read more about our wood drawers and see pictures here.

Do I buy my own kitchen cabinets in IKEA?

Yes! You buy your own cabinets and hinges in IKEA. We deliver fronts, cover panels, inserts and plinths, as well as worktops. If you are unsure of what you should buy from IKEA, let us know, and we’ll be happy to guide you. Have a read here as well, and see if there’s anything you’ve missed.

Do you produce fronts for bathroom furniture?

Yes, absolutely! Aside from the kitchen system, we can also set you up with fronts for your GODMORGON bathroom furniture. The process is the same as with the kitchen system, regarding measuring and selecting the cabinet fronts, ordering and mounting. We have collected a good to know here, which we advice you to read.

Do you produce fronts for wardrobe?

Yes! We also produce fronts for your Pax wardrobe. We only do hinged doors, but in all standard measurements. Read more about it here.

Do your fronts fit all IKEA kitchen cabinets?

Most of our fronts fit all the cabinets from IKEA’s METOD kitchen system.

How do I know which IKEA kitchen I have?

As of 2013, IKEA replaced their only kitchen FAKTUM with METOD. Our fronts and doors are only compatible with METOD. The easiest way to detect which system you have, is by measuring the height of the plinth. For FAKTUM the plinth measures 17 cm, whereas for METOD it only measures 8 cm in height. Are you still unsure which kitchen you have? Look up your which kitchen you have here.

What about drawer slides and hinges etc.?

All our fronts, both hinged doors and drawers fit IKEA’s hinges and drawer slides. You buy these at IKEA when you order your cabinets. Reform only provides the fronts, but we are more than happy to assist you with any guidance regarding your new kitchen.

What is the return policy?

We make our kitchen fronts and countertops for your specific order only. Due to the custom ordering process, Reform goods are nonrefundable. Of course we want you to feel certain about your order, which is why we offer to send you a sample of the products you’re interested in. You can order samples here.

How is my order delivered?

We deliver your order to the curb side. It’s our highest priority to deliver your order safe and sound, which is why our carpentry builds a transportation box in wood. Then it’s protected all the way to you. See how it looks here.

What if my fronts or countertop are damaged during transportation?

In case your goods are damaged during transportation, we will arrange for a new delivery as quickly as possible.

What is Reform quality all about?

Here at Reform, quality is our number one priority. All our fronts are made of 19 mm MDF. We spray paint our painted surfaces to achieve the best-looking result and the best-lasting quality. Veneered fronts are produced with solid wood edges in either smoked or natural oak. Veneered fronts are protected with a natural wax. We are doing our best to provide you with the highest quality of material available on the market in order to live up to Reform’s high standards of design, functionality and durability. If you’re curious about our materials, we have these reads for you in our Help Center.

Do Reform mount fronts and countertops?

Unfortunately, we do not mount fronts or countertops. The mounting consists of a very simple and easy-to-implement clicking system that needs no further instruction or know-how. We will however be happy to assist you with guidance and references to the best carpenters we know. We have collected some tips for mounting here.

Can I order a front, cover panel or plinth in a special measurement?

Yes! Almost all special measurements are possible for us to do. Note that we have to add 10% to the standard front with the closest measurements. Read more about it here.

Do you offer fronts for built-in appliances?

Yes, we surely do. We rely 100% on IKEA’s range of built in appliances, and only guarantee that fronts for their built in appliances are possible and will fit correctly. If you are considering a different brand, let us know.

Can you measure up my countertop?

Unfortunately we do not measure countertops. Because we want to offer the best quality at the best price, we work without local agents or fitters, but if you wish to get a professional to measure your countertop for you, we will make sure to find you the best carpenter in your vicinity. We have a whole help section consisting of advice and good-to-knows about worktop here.

Can you cut countertops with “odd” angles?

We can cut your countertop exactly the way you like it. All we need from you are the precise measurements and a work drawing.

Why IKEA cabinets?

Quality, design and functionality are key values here at Reform. We use IKEA cabinets to provide you with timeless design with the best quality at the best price. If you want to learn more about this, please visit our concept site.

Are you officially collaborating with IKEA?

Reform does not collaborate with IKEA in any official manner. We are simply big fans of their quality products and want to provide you with even greater possibilities with your individual kitchen fronts. Do you want to know more? We refer you to the following disclaimer from IKEA: “Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the owner of the IKEA company name and the IKEA® trademark, registered in Denmark and in other countries. "Reform" is not affiliated with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. and Inter IKEA Systems B.V.’s trademarks and trade names are only used to describe the services provided. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between "Reform" and Inter IKEA Systems B.V.”

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