1. Jean Nouvel   2. REFLECT Metal   3. Arab World Institute by Jean Nouvel, Gilbert Lézénès, Pierre Soria, Architecture Studio   

4. REFLECT Black   5. National Museum of Qatar, Doha by Ateliers Jean Nouvel   6. REFLECT Metal

The Paris-based architect Jean Nouvel is one of the 21 century’s great creative minds. Driven by the idea that architecture is an art form, the Frenchman applies his characteristic ability for telling stories and evoking imagery through architecture and design, using a poetic approach to cultivating emotion in buildings while integrating the specific features of their surrounding landscapes.

Art should be created for life, not for the museum.’

— Jean Nouvel 

One of the most important architects of the modern era has channeled his prize-winning creativity into REFLECT—a kitchen designed to be as hard-wearing and functional as it is dazzling and iconic. The monochrome fronts are made from sturdy, reflective steel imbued with vertical ridges, adding Jean Nouvel’s celebrated talent for exploring light and atmosphere to the kitchen’s surroundings.

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is one of the most important architects of the modern era. His strong stances and somewhat provocative opinions on contemporary architecture in the urban context together with his ability to inject originality into all the projects he undertakes have formed the decorated architect’s international image. Jean Nouvel’s work does not result from considerations of style or ideology, but from a quest to create a unique concept for a singular combination of people, place and time. His contextual approach and ability to infuse a genuine uniqueness into all the projects he undertakes have consistently yielded buildings that transform their environments and indelibly mark the cities in which they are built, like the Arab World Institute, the Torre Agbar in Barcelona (Spain), the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis (USA), One Central Park in Sydney (Australia), The White Walls in Nicosia (Cyprus), the DR (Danmarks Radio) Concert Hall in Copenhagen (Denmark) and more recently the Louvre Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).


Photo by Gaston Bergeret

Architect Jean Nouvel


Kitchen fronts

REFLECT by Jean Nouvel is available in two variants: Black and Metal. Made from sturdy steel imbued with vertical ridges, both variants feature a high-gloss, reflective surface. The surface is a thin, embossed stainless steel sheet placed on top of an MFC board. It's framed with extruded profiles of anodized aluminum on all sides. The handle is integrated and formed by the extruded aluminum profile. The black variant is coated with a dark-colored, corrosion-resistant layer and the Metal variant comes with a surface in a natural steel color. Both variants have been finished off with a clear varnish making the material resistant to daily use and household detergents, while maintaining the aesthetics of the raw metal.


The handle is an integrated part of the design and it’s made from an extruded aluminum profile. Anodized aluminum makes the handle and frame more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The handle is always positioned vertically on doors and horizontally on drawers. The total thickness of the front including the extruded aluminum handle is 1.3 “


The recommended countertops come in stainless steel. The steel type used in Reform countertops is 304 brushed stainless steel with a thickness of 5mm. The stainless steel surface excels in being extremely resilient and durable, lending it superior performance around the hob and/or the sink. FENIX NTM laminate is a super soft and smooth surface. It is manufactured with the use of nanotechnologies making it possible to thermally heal any micro-scratches. The material is highly resistant to scratches and withstands impact and acid-based solvents while also being liquid repellent and antibacterial.   

System compatibility

REFLECT by Jean Nouvel is available with the Reform Kitchen Cabinet System. 

Care & maintenance

REFLECT is easily cleaned with normal, mild household detergent.

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