Organizing your space can bring a fresh sense of order to your home and life. It's about arranging things, tidying up, and creating a sense of calm. Our storage solutions at Reform blend functionality with aesthetics, not only to provide a place to showcase or stow away your belongings but to actively tell stories through thoughtful design and quality materials.

Reform’s wardrobe system offers a versatile framework that allows you to freely compose, edit, and expand—making space for your personal lifestyle. It's storage that can serve as both furniture and architecture, fitting into any room and becoming a defining element in its own right.

Solid wood drawers in natural oak

About the wardrobes

Reform’s modular cabinet system follows a straightforward and intuitive logic, making it easy to adapt to your existing space or build upon a core design concept. With a wide range of configurations, color options, and material choices, it allows for diverse expressions. Use the cabinet modules to compose your ideal wardrobe, or to create new space with it. Whether it's a playful wall of cabinets, an elegant walk-in closet, or functional storage for the hallway or office, the options are endless. With many available configurations, the system can be tailored to fit your preferences.

Crafted with the same precision and premium materials as our kitchens, the high-quality fronts and cabinetry ensure durability. These cabinets come in various heights and widths, providing flexibility to pair and stack them to fit the space. The drawers, interior accessories, and organizers are made in solid wood—ash and oak, assembled by hand, and finished with a water-based matte lacquer that enhances durability and resistance to wear and tear.


Whether it is for displaying, organizing, or simply visual order, the wardrobe collection makes storage appealing to live with. Our Classic Collections—BASIS, SHAKER, PLAIN and selected Design Collections—COLUMN, FRAME, MATCH, PLATE, SURFACE, and UNIT—are available as closets. Made to mix and match the collections across the home.

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Pants hanger in natural oak

Collection: BASIS Linoleum in Smokey Blue

Divider U5 in natural oak

Collection: SHAKER Painted Veneer in White

Clothing rod in natural oak

Divider U5 in natural oak

Collection: BASIS Painted

Clothing rod in natural oak

Shoe drawer in natural oak

Collection: BASIS Natural Oak

PLAIN Painted

Collection: PLAIN Painted in Dusty Orange

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